OUTER THIGH Slimming WORKOUT for Women – So Long, SADDLEBAGS!!

Looking to get rid of those saddlebags — those nasty bits of fat on the side of the glutes and hips? We've got some amazing leg slimming exercises for you in today's outer thigh workout. These saddlebag exercises include three different lunge variations that make up an excellent butt and leg workout.

Especially with the curtsy lunge, you'll be directly targeting the saddlebag area — the outer thigh and glutes. The twisting lunges are also incredible for targeting the outer thigh and the abs. The forward drop lunge is also a great butt and outer thigh exercise. Add these three exercises to your glute and leg workouts if you're looking to slim the legs and thighs.

Lunges are some of the best leg slimming exercises because they target one leg at a time and directly work the large muscles throughout the thigh and butt. If you're looking for a complete outer thigh workout, these three exercises will do the trick!

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