Can Women Freeze Their Fat Away?

What if you could go into a clinic, sit down in a chair and read a magazine, and walk out an hour later with less fat?

When we first heard about this our BS meters went off.  We aren’t spring chickens and we’ve all tried diet pills, potions and gadgets that looked great on late night TV or in the back of a magazine, that didn’t work.

There are some amazing new procedures for hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

It’s what only a matter of time before technology would create a machine that can take fat off you.

Not liposuction, that is considered an invasive procedure. We are hoping for a procedure or technology that isn’t invasive or dangerous.

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Good News: There is a new technology that uses a process called cryolipolysis. It’s a skin-tightening and fat-reducing breakthrough. The technician puts a vacuum-like panel on the target area of your body. It freezes and kills fat cells at a temperature of -10 degrees. The destroyed fat cells are then passed through bowel movements later in the day. It’s been a well studied, proven process at this point and is now being offered to the public.

“Think of it as a less intense version of liposuction. “There is no anaesthetic, no needles and no downtime. Patients can have the procedure in their lunchtime and be back at work the same day, says Dr Rohit Kumar from Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary.

 Depending on the area and lifestyle, most people start seeing a result by 4 weeks and it reaches its maximum by approximately 12 weeks. “In some situations the area needs to be re-treated for maximal effect but the majority of patients will notice a difference in one treatment alone,” says Kumar.”

So What Is The Downside?

Well, it’s fairly expensive. It’s about $1000 for an hour treatment.

And, you won’t lose a ton of weight.

This process is better for losing a couple pounds and tightening a particular area.

Your chin, your legs, thighs, biceps, stomach, anywhere you want to lose some weight and tighten up.

Think of it like body sculpting.

The Good News is there doesn’t seem to be many negative side effects reported.

You can look in your area for clinics, medispas and weight loss clinics that might be offering it now.

It is sometimes marketing under the name “CoolSculpting”


Here’s another before and after photo


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Here’s more from Dr. Kumar

The perfect candidate is someone who is exercising and has got themselves to a reasonable goal weight but just can’t seem to remove fat from stubborn areas where no amount of exercise is helping.”

If you’re within 5kgs of your goal weigh, have a good diet and lifestyle and can’t move stubborn fat no matter how hard you try then CoolSculpting could be worth a shot.

And, just like liposuction, once fat cells in one area are depleted, your body will store fat (if you gain weight) in other areas of your body. For example, if you have cryolipolysis done on your hips, you may see future kilograms creep onto other parts of your body that you never had an issue with before.

It’s Safer Than Lipo

That said, most cryolipolysis patients are usually satisfied. A study published in the journal Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology found 86 per cent of subjects saw improvements post-treatment and 73 per cent of patients were satisfied with the results. The researchers also note that it’s a safer and less painful body-contouring option than liposuction, since it doesn’t involve poking holes in your body or risk puncturing organs.

The Bottom Line

Consult with a cosmetic medical practitioner to see if your skin has what it takes to tighten up with cryolipolysis. But be realistic about potential changes, and know it’s more about tightening than weight loss.

Note: Always consult a medical practitioner prior to any serious treatment if you have any concerns about the side effects or if you have specific questions about how you may react to a procedure like CoolSculpting.


Here’s a video that answers the question, “Can You Really Freeze Fat Away?”



If you have the money and want to lose a few inches we think it’s worth a try!

Excerpts of an article published at WomensHealth

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